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Medical bills: Don’t let them kill you.

Having a good health condition is not just a matter of “good luck” or chance. There are many things that can be done in order to improve one’s health conditions, prevent illnesses and at the same time save money on medical bills. Unexpected medical bills are one of the most common reasons leading people to economical problems.


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We all know the feeling when that crippling medical bill has to be paid. Most of us try not to think about it. We ignore that pain and put off making an expensive appointment to see a specialist we hope it will all just go away. There are some practical things we can do to improve our chances of not having to face huge medical bills. Here are a few suggestions.


1. Identify the areas of your health, which worry you:

Many people are afraid of heart problems. Perhaps there is a history of heart disease in the family. If this is the case, use the Internet or your local health service to get information on preventative action. This may involve a significant change in lifestyle and, believe it or not, it might involve a real reduction in your spending, since it most probably you would be advice to use less your car and exercising more, to have a healthier life style and nutritional habits. You could also feel better just because you have taken that first step to protecting your health.

2. Preventive checkouts.

Some investments in regular checkouts and tests could save you lots. Most of the common illnesses just don’t start suddenly. Symptoms appear slowly. Some people choose to ignore them because they are too busy or they want to think they will get better by themselves. At the initial stages of an illness the possibilities to treat it totally, faster and most efficiently are bigger, the treatments are less expensive and more importantly you are preventing yourself from getting a serious disease that treated on time can be totally cured.

** Don’t forget the stress in your life that tend to kill your joy.  Worry about the kids, money, your relationships, marriage and these days about your identity. Technology is a great thing, but identity theft comes with it.  For the areas of relationships you can get counseling or the “ear” of a friend – but if you have credit and identity theft issues – go to the pros and reduce that stress once and for all.

3. Weight Loss:

Losing a few pounds can be a tremendous boost to our overall health. While at the same time, needing to even lose a few pounds can be so overwhelming – an even depressing endeavor – We look at ourselves in the mirror and we just don’t like what we see – what we’ve become in terms of our weight and fitness level.  There are weight loss supplements and plans available, but the simple, safe and viable plan is to eat less and exercise more.  Simple but hard perhaps – but begin by finding some substitutes for what you are doing now – nuts, fruit, vegetables etc.  Eat them in place of that bowl of ice cream or the chips and salsa.  Then walk more, and then pick up the pace to a jog perhaps.  Swim, use a bike, take the stairs – start somewhere and you’ll see some results.  Then increase the excerise and decrease the food intake to reach your goals. Just start somewhere.

4. Exercise more.

The benefits of practicing regularly any kind of physical activity are numerous. It not just improves your physical appearance and boosts your confidence, but it reduces your stress levels, improves the functions of all your systems including cardiovascular, muscular and immune. It strengthens your joins avoiding illnesses such as arthritis and rheumatism. Exercising even helps you to think better and clearer, since it improves the blood circulation in the brain.


5. Minimize hazardous situations.

Prevention is definitely the main key to a healthier life. Check regularly your car mechanic and electrical condition especially before a long journey. Made sure the electrical and gas appliances in your house and work place are safe and there are not problems with the connections or leaks. Make sure everybody knows in your house and work place what to do in case there is an emergency such as fire.  If you go out for a holiday be especially careful of what you eat and where you eat it. Food has to be properly prepared and cook in order to avoid cross-contamination and food poisoning, expire dates needs to be checked carefully. Don’t drink water from the tap or any other source at least you know it is totally safe to drink it.

Everywhere you are, specially if you go on holidays or visit a new place, examine if there is anything that could represent a danger for you or your family for example children should not take a bath unattended, ponds, even shallow ones, are extremely dangerous for children. Precautions need to be maximized when having children around.


6. Budget:

You know that you will have to pay those medical bills sooner or later. So don’t wait until a huge bill arrives. Start to look at other areas of your life where you could make savings and set aside a little each month for medical bills. For example, you might be able to reduce your costs by changing your diet or cutting down on utility bills.


7. Prevention is better than cure:

There are many ways in which you can become a healthier person and avoid the need for costly medical treatment. You may wish to consult a medical expert before deciding to take some kinds of exercise but even simply sleeping and eating at regular times, drinking water and walking can make a real difference

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